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GIRL POWER! Sport Inclusion Events during European Week of Sport 2020

GIRL POWER! Sport Inclusion Events during European Week of Sport 2020

Call for Action! Activities enhancing the inclusion and participation of migrant and minority women and girls can be funded. Deadline for submissions: 7 September 2020

The activities during the European Week of Sport (EWoS) from 23-30 September 2020 will again focus on facilitating and supporting local sport grass-root events which actively involve female minorities and migrants.

In the framkework of the European SPIN Women project we have the opportunity to fund a few activities during European week of sport with up to 750 EUR. Beneath the funding opportunity, clubs and initaitives are invitied to facilitate events and promote European Week of Sport in any kind - and share information with us

The events organised together with women, minority or refugee organisations, should be designed to celebrate diversity and raise awareness about the dangers of exclusion, discrimination, ethnic stereotypes and prejudice.

Through the events public awareness for the equal opportunities for ethnic minority and migrant women and girls will be raised.

What & Who:

Activities can be realised in the project countries Ireland, Finland, Hungary, Portugal, Germany or Austria. In each country at least one activitiy will be awarded. Funding will be granted up to at maximum 750 Euro.

Events can be e.g. tournaments, sport open days, discussion rounds, stadium activities etc.


23 – 30 September 2020; period of the European Week of Sport (EWoS)

What can be funded:

Examples of funding includes renting sport facilities, expenses for meetings, printing of materials, publications, food and drinks for participants, honoraries….

Target Groups:

  • Women and girls who belong to disadvantaged groups, in particular asylum seekers, refugees or ethnic minorities
  • Women sport initiatives and female football clubs which include ethnic minorities or migrants
  • Girls and women in sport initiatives, fan groups and sport clubs
  • Local mainstream sport clubs, fan groups
  • Local media and ethnic media


Find below an application form and the poster of the event. Deadline for applications: 7 september 2020. Contact: fairplay[at]