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EDU:PACT Project Concluded

EDU:PACT Project Concluded

After more than three years of intense work, the project Intercultural Education through Physical Activity, Coaching and Training – EDU:PACT is officially concluded.

Das Ziel des Projekts war es, einen Beitrag zur Bewältigung der interkulturellen Herausforderungen zu leisten, denen sich Schulen, Vereine, Lehrer und Trainer gegenübersehen. Es zielte darauf ab, innovative, evidenzbasierte interkulturelle Pädagogik im Sportunterricht und im Coaching anzubieten und dadurch die Qualität der Aus- und Weiterbildung zu verbessern.

Summary of the Work Programme

  1. Needs analysis to determine the state of knowledge and to generate expert practice input
    • Rapid Evidence Analysis
    • Focus Group Interviews with teachers, researchers and experts
  2. Development of teaching and learning guidelines, didactical concepts and study units
    • Module Handbook
    • Online Toolkit
  3. Pilot training of expert staff from all project partners
    • Training of Trainers in Vienna (Sept. 2019)
  4. Implementation of the developed modules
    • EDU:PACT courses
    • National Multiplier Events
  5. Review & validation process to optimize guidelines, didactical approaches, study units and modules
    • Feedback by teaching staff and participants of courses and events
    • Survey on the Module Handbook
  6. Transnational dissemination and connecting sport stakeholders
    • International Multiplier Event (ENSE Forum, Sept. 2019, Vienna)
    • Final Conference (Educate and Integrate?!, March 2021, Online)

The work programme was successfully completed and important steps towards sustainability were implemented. You can access information on the outputs and project activities here, if you are interested in our online toolkit and teaching guidelines please visit



  • EDU:PACT Module Handbook in five languages: EN | DE | DK | GR | IT
  • EDU:PACT Online Toolkit and Teaching Guidelines:
  • EDU:PACT Needs-Analysis Report: download here
  • EDU:PACT Module Review and Validation Report: download here