Football for Equality


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Welcome to the international fairplay newsletter!

This newsletter informs stakeholders and actors across Europe and beyond about the activities of fairplay, the initiative for diversity and antidiscrimination at VIDC. And we are looking very much forward to your input and feedback so that we can jointly develop ideas and approach how to make use of sport as a meaningful tool for social transformation and equality.

Since our start in the late 1990s the fairplay initiative has always worked on a European and international level. First, as the coordinating organisation of the FARE network, later in the context of a series of European Union funded initiatives such as Sport Inclusion Network (SPIN), pro supporters or Queering Football. Looking at an increasingly fragmented Europe where national parochialism and far right populist discourse is on a rise, we think this is the right time to go more European and to reiterate international collaboration and exchange. We hope this newsletter will gradually evolve over time and we hope you find it meaningful.

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