Football for Equality Project - Tackling homophobia and racism with a focus on Central and Eastern Europe!

12th FARE Action Week 2011 - Football for Equality support for small activities

12th FARE Action Week 2011 - Football for Equality support for small activities

As in 2010 the Football for Equality project offers support for small activities against racism, discrimination and homophobia.

The partner organisations of the “Football for Equality” project, that is co-funded by the European Union’s Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme, are pleased to announce its “Football for Equality” support programme in the framework of the FARE Action Week 2011 that runs this season under the motto 'we are all football people'.

The joint ‘Football for Equality: Tackling Homophobia and Racism with a Focus on Central and Eastern Europe’ project enables the partner organisations to provide about 12 groups from EU-countries with a special support for small activities challenging racism and homophobia in football with an average amount of 500 €.

Applications can be submitted by any legally constituted organisation, which is a fan group, NGO, amateur football team, migrant & ethnic minority organisations etc. may apply. Only entities from EU countries are eligible due to the co-financing of the European Commission. Applications from eligible organisations applying in partnership with other eligible organisations are particularly welcomed.

The wide range of activities that can be supported include the production of campaigning materials (banners, flyers, fanzines, posters, t-shirts, stickers), the production of fan choreographies and flags, as well as the organisation of stadium actions and community days, plus intercultural events such as special matches, debates or tournaments.

The closing date for applications is October 12, 2011. Applications should be emailed to: fairplay[at] The applications will then be forwarded to the responsible project partner organisations. Successful applicants will be informed immediately.

FARE partner organisations were again successful in a bid to the European Commission (DG Justice) under the Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme to follow up the first period of the Football for Equality project that ended in May 2011.

The partner organisations are: FairPlay-vidc (Austria), UISP (Italy), L’udia Proti Rasizmu (Slovakia), SPOLINT Institute (Slovenia), Football Supporters Europe (Germany) and EGLSF (The Netherlands).