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Fanarbeit Innsbruck & Fanprojekt Slovan Liberec visited Fanprojekt Bremen

Fanarbeit Innsbruck & Fanprojekt Slovan Liberec visited Fanprojekt Bremen

In the framework of the EU-project pro supporters, coordinated by FairPlay-VIDC , the working group of the Innsbruck, Liberec and Bremen fan projects met in the Hanseatic city to learn about the working methods and the concept of the Fanprojekt Bremen from 18 to 20 January 2013.

The oldest fan project

The Fanprojekt Bremen was founded in 1981 and thus is the oldest professional fan project in Germany. Now the “younger” fan work projects from Liberec and Innsbruck can take advantage of the 30 years of experience of the fan project in Bremen. In the framework of this study visit, the fan experts reflected and discussed the work content and regional differences and also worked out the first criteria for a catalogue for the implementation of professional fan work in Europe.

Furthermore, the guests had the opportunity to assist the work of their colleagues around the Bundesliga match SV Werder Bremen against Borussia Dortmund. Two social scientists from the universities of Loughborough and Durham who evaluate the project participated in the meeting, too.

Independent support organisations

Interestingly, the Fanprojekt Bremen and Fanarbeit Innsbruck have the same structures: both projects are organised in an independent and grass-root orientated way. Moreover, both fan projects have a support organisation (Bremer Fanprojekte e.V. and Faninitiative Innsbruck) with a board formed by experts in the field of social work and active fans. This organisational structure seems to be one key for a successful implementation of professional fan work.